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photochemistry starter bundles

Photochemistry Starter Bundles

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EvoluChem’s™ Photochemistry Starter Bundles include everything you need to set up your lab and further explore the opportunities inherent with photochemical reactions.  Starter Bundles are available with any of our four photoreactors—PhotoRedox Box™, PhotoRedOx Box TC™, PhotoRedOx Box Duo™, and Lucent360™—either with or without sample reactions

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EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx Box
High throughput, precision and control:
PhotoRedOx Box

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PhotoRedOxBox photoreactors
EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx Duo
High throughput, precision and control:
PhotoRedOx Duo

Screen with double the workflow

PhotoRedOxBox Duo photoreactors
EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx TC
High throughput, precision and control:
PhotoRedOx TC

Screen with Temperature Control

PhotoRedOx TC photoreactors
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Recent Blog Posts

photochemistry 2023

2023 Photochemistry Year in Review

Here is our list of the 23 photochemistry papers that we thought were the best funniest oddest most interesting or downright unexpected of 2023.

Photochemical methods for isotopic labeling

Hot for HAT and HAT for HOT (labels): Photochemical methods for isotopic labeling

Photochemical methods for isotopic labeling connect two favorite interests: drug metabolism and photochemistry. Isotope labeled drugs are critical in ADME studies, imaging, and radiolabeled ligand binding studies…

nucleic acid chemistry and sequencing epigenetic modifications

Shining a Light on DNA Sequencing

This month we highlight recent work of several students from the Balasubramanian Lab at the University of Cambridge using EvoluChem Photoredox Boxes in their graduate studies.

Choose Your Own Adventure (with photoinduced cross-coupling)

At first we decided to summarize the Ni cross-coupling photocatalysis literature in a short review—But we quickly realized that’s a terrible idea. Instead, we took on the much more enjoyable task and screen this chemistry with the Lucent360.

Lucent360 Customized Reaction Screenings

Learn how to streamline with Lucent360 customized reaction screenings and save on time & setups when matching optimal wavelength to a photocatalyst.

Comparing Commercial Photoreactors

How should we compare commercial photoreactors? Or better yet, how do we discuss the important details of a photochemical reaction?

Utilizing the Lucent360 From Screen to Scale

Read on for a step by step study taking a photocatalyzed-Arbuzov reaction from screen to scale utilizing the unique features of the Lucent360™

Introducing the Lucent360

The Lucent360’s flexible design gives you the best options to learn everything you need to know to take your photochemical reactions from screen to scale.

Photochemistry of earth-abundant metals

A recurring theme in our recent articles: there isn’t enough iridium or ruthenium in the earth’s crust to do all the photochemistry we’d like to do at scale.

The Attack of the Photocatalytic Microrobots!

Self-propelled autonomous microrobots that can swim through mazes to seek and destroy microplastics? Read on…

photoredox organocatalysis

Searching for the origin of life with a 365nm LED (with Photoredox Organocatalysis)

Mmm… What’s in the Soup? How did life begin? Were the first catalysts, photocatalysts? Read about the recent account by Oliver Trapp and coworkers on their work at prebiotic photoredox organocatalysis.

Summer Beach Reads

Here is a midyear recap of photochemistry papers that we thought were the best, funniest, oddest, most interesting, or downright unexpected so far this year.

Fenton Boat Photocatalysis: An Adventure with Iron and Wood

Photocatalysis with iron and wood? Fenton Boats? Stick around and we’ll explain—And show you a video of a photocatalyst boat!

Photochemistry Surprises!!!

Featuring a project where “hey that’s weird & very wrong” turns into something fantastic: Bold decisions, stubbornness & ingenuity result in a new opportunity.

A Photochemistry Year in Review 2022

Here is our list of the 22 photochemistry papers that we thought were the best, funniest, oddest, most interesting, or downright unexpected of 2022.

Photocatalytic Deconstruction of Polystyrene

What if we could shine a blue LED on our 8 billion tons of plastic waste and get back a valuable chemical feedstock? Click to read about the Reisner group’s work looking at tackling this problem.

photocatalysis in seawater

Photocatalysis in Seawater

Seawater: It’s abundant, messy, contains salts, microorganisms, biomass, organic and inorganic pollutants (and microplastics) and might just be a great solvent for generating hydrogen peroxide with visible light photocatalysis

The 21 Must-Read Photochemistry Papers of 2021

Beyond the best photochemistry papers of 2021, read about the amazing year we had here at HepatoChem.

US patent

HepatoChem US Patent Announced

This patented technology is game-changing for our field of focus and its efficiencies and precision will streamline research and the development of novel therapies.

HepatoChem Services

Traditionally, drug metabolites have been both difficult and hugely expensive to synthesize. Conventional methods of metabolite synthesis, such as those that employ the use of microsomes or synthetic chemistry, are extremely costly and time consuming.

Through our revolutionary technology which enables inexpensive and rapid metabolite synthesis, HepatoChem is seeking to transform the way drug companies develop their pipeline.

photoreactors PhotoRedOxBox

EvoluChem™ Photochemistry Reactors

Our EvoluChem™ PhotoRedOx Box devices are​ designed to facilitate photochemical experiments. We offer several version of unique design allowing single or parallel reactions. Temperature controlled experiments are also available. Feel free to contact us for more information!​

EvoluChem™ Screening Kits

The EvoluChem™ kits are chemistry screening kits. They are the ideal tools for the investigation of chemical reaction conditions. It enables you to conveniently screen multiple reaction conditions simultaneously using pre-weighed catalysts and reagents.


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