Lucent 360™ Advanced Photoreactor

Introducing the Lucent360™ Advanced Photoreactor

The Lucent360™ Advanced Photoreactor enables parallel (screen), batch and flow with wavelength,light intensity and temperature control in one device.

  • Multiple vial formats and configurations (from 0.3ml to 700 ml)
  • Temperature controlled (0° to 80° C) with thermostatic fluid
  • Interchangeable LED light modules (365 nm through 525 nm)
  • Screen up to 4 wavelengths and/or light intensities simultaneously
  • Heavy duty magnetic stirring
  • Pre-set your favorite experiments for quick repeatability

Industry Leading Photoreactor Design

The Lucent360™ Advanced Photoreactor is the most comprehensive photoreactor on the market. It’s patent pending design provides the most flexibility for parallel, large batch and flow photochemistry. Reaction vials are immerged in a thermostatic bath controlled by an external heater/ chiller unit, enabling temperature controlled experiment conditions. Light irradiation is provided by custom, interchangeable light modules that surround the reaction chamber. The reaction chamber itself is comprised of 2 glass walls (Dewar) that thermally insulate light sources from the reaction vial bath.

Designed for maximum control of samples irradiation

Lucent360 the world's most advanced photoreactor

Unparalleled Control of Light Wavelengths and Intensities

The Lucent360™ includes 5 light modules that can be controlled independently. Each module has multiple LEDs that operate at a specific wavelength.

The light modules are interchangeable and, when using a light screening holder in the reaction chamber, enables conditions that can screen multiple wavelengths or light intensities simultaneously.


Light Irradiance Screening

Each light module is set at different intensity to investigate quantum yield of your reactions.

Irradiance Screening

Module 1: 100%  Module 2: 75%
Module 3: 50%    Module 4: 25%

Wavelength Screening

Each light can be set with a different wavelengths to study several catalytic systems simultaneously.

Module 1: 365 nm   Module 2: 425 nm
Module 3: 450 nm   Module 4: 525 nm

Timecourse Experiment

Each light module can be set with different irradiation time in parallel or in sequence.

Module 1: 30 min   Module 2: 60 min
Module 3: 120 min Module 4: 240 nm

Interchangeable Light Modules

Side Light Module

Bottom Light Module

Wavelengths Available:
254 nm, 300 nm, 310 nm, 340 nm, 365 nm, 380 nm, 390 nm, 405 nm, 427 nm, 440 nm, 450 nm, 475 nm, 505 nm, 650 nm, 740 and 808 nm.

Multiple Reactor Vessels Enable Parallel, Batch, Flow Reaction and Light Screening

Compound Library


Batch Reaction


Flow Reactor


Light Module Screening

holder for light screening

Temperature Controlled Environment (0° to 80° C)

The Lucent360™ advanced photoreactor includes standard circulation ports on all of its vial holders as well as an internal water pump and high performance heat exchanger.

Connecting the Lucent360™ to a standard heater/chiller unit enables accurate temperature controlled reaction conditions (0° to 80° C) that are insulated from the heat of light modules.

A temperature probe (included) can also connect to each of the Lucent360™ vial holders, allowing for precise measurements. Fill and flow rate is controlled by the manual valves accessed on the front panel.

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