Photochemistry Starter Bundles

Everything You Need to Begin

EvoluChem’sâ„¢ Photochemistry Starter Bundles include everything you need to set up your lab and further explore the opportunities inherent with photochemical reactions. Starter Bundles are available with any of our four photoreactors–PhotoRedox Boxâ„¢, PhotoRedOx Box TCâ„¢, PhotoRedOx Box Duoâ„¢, and Lucent360â„¢–either with or without sample reactions.

Advances in photochemistry continue to arrive on a regular basis, enabling new and efficient pathways to key chemical synthesis reactions and techniques, including multiple C-C cross-coupling options, C-N cross-coupling, and otherwise difficult C-O cross-coupling. Our sample reactions help launch your exploration.

photochemistry starter bundle

Here are Four Sample Reactions to Get You Started

Using Bromoacetophenone as a test substrate, we have organized four reaction conditions to explore photocatalysis. These reactions are well documented in the scientific literature and have been consistently reproduced with the Starter Bundle equipment. The reactions represent foundational cross-coupling photochemistry including two C-C cross-coupling reactions (one with amino acid decarboxylation and one with BF3K reagent), C-N cross-coupling and C-O cross-coupling.Each of the following reaction kits contains four (4) vials with reagents and catalysts and one (1) vial with the test compounds (4-Bromoacetophenone). Once you have successfully performed the test reaction you will be able to use the remaining three (3) reaction vials for your own bromo substrates.

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