EvoluChem Professional Chemistry Research Screening Kits

Here’s Why You Want EvoluChem Screening Kits

Exploring or optimizing chemistry of a new substrate synthesis can quickly become time-consuming. Certain chemical reactions can be performed using a wide range of catalysts and reagents. Consequently, the research of optimum reaction conditions can be overwhelming. Our chemistry screening kits streamline your process.

In order to facilitate the screening of reaction conditions, HepatoChem has released a series of high-throughput reaction screening kits combining catalysts and reagents in predefined arrays. The EvoluChem™ screening kits are the ideal tools for the investigation of chemical reaction conditions. They enable you to conveniently screen multiple reaction conditions simultaneously using pre-weighed catalysts and reagents.

We offer a wide variety of professional chemistry research screening kits from our EvoluChem line of products. These different screening kits allow you to perform different tests using different lab methods so that you can get exactly what you need out of the tests. We also provide all of the necessary literature for you to use your chemistry screening kits with little to no hassle.

Our kits allow you to set up your experiment in less than half of the time that it would normally take to do so, which saves you precious labor hours. Moreover, our kits tend to be far cheaper than others, which further improves your lab’s bottom line.

You can purchase our professional chemistry screening kits online through our various distributors across the globe. To determine which kit best suits your needs and find out about prices, fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you soon.


  • Facilitates screen of reaction conditions
  • No glove-box needed to manipulate air sensitive or moisturesensitive reagents
  • Enables up to 32 reaction conditions simultaneously
  • Save substrate using low scale reaction conditions
  • Save time on optimization


  • 0.3 to 4 ml crimped reaction vial with stirring bar.
  • Specifically designed reaction block
  • Pre-weighed reagents and catalysts
  • Temperature from 0°C to 120°C
  • Pre-designed or custom arrays available
Chemistry Screening Kits

EvoluChem™ Chemistry Screening Kits

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