About Us

Since 2008 our team of chemists have offered support for R&D projects in the pharmaceutical, industrial and agrochemical space via our chemical services and photochemical products lines.  For drug development, our Biomimetic oxidation (BMO) approach to metabolite synthesis enables quick access to drug metabolites in 1 synthetic step.  Our unique process uses chemical catalysts that mimic oxidative metabolism and glucuronidation enabling synthesis of mg to g quantities of unidentified metabolites.  We provide analytical support for microsomal incubations (Phase I and II) bioanalysis, and LC-UV-MS method development for CMC support. 

Our product line of photochemical reactors and chemical screening kits are distributed globally through our network of distributors.  With our expertise in photochemistry and our photochemical reactor series, we can offer in-house support for your photochemistry reaction screening and optimization and offer custom solutions to your photochemical problems.  On the lighter side, for our latest ramblings on the scientific literature, new products and photochemistry check out our blog. 

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