Metabolite Production Services

Metabolite Production Services

Our unique approach to Metabolite Synthesis has been trusted for over a decade by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Due to the underlying technology, it is possible to produce metabolites in quantities of just 1 milligram.

Additionally our ability to provide a quick and low cost initial screen of potential metabolites enables faster decisions and production cycles.

There are two key steps to our process:

Step I: Biomimetic Screen

HepatoChem’s biomimetic preliminary screen identifies metabolites that can be produced. This screen is the fastest way to evaluate our biomimetic technology on your compound of interest. This step is low cost and fast, which allows you to decide rapidly to use or not our technology within 1-2 weeks.

Chemical Survey

Metabolite authentication is achieved by direct comparison with biological references using standard analytical methods such as MS fragmentation patterns. We will then provide you a report outlining the metabolites identified in this initial screen. Next step is the metabolite production (below).

Metabolite Authentication

Step II: Metabolite Production

After the biomimetic screen, you choose which metabolites to have synthesized, from just one to all of them. HepatoChem can produce metabolites in sufficient quantities for structure elucidation and biological profiling studies. To reduce your cost we can adapt the synthesis to your needs and produce strict necessary quantities. For more detailed information, see this overview of Metabolite Synthesis.

Custom Synthesis

Metabolite Synthesis

Through our revolutionary technology, HepatoChem enables cost effective testable quantities of metabolites in-house even at the earliest stages of drug discovery. This new capability, which enables affordable early metabolite toxicity testing, offers drug companies the opportunity to save millions each year through dramatically improved drug pipelines.