Suzuki-Miyaura HCK1003-01-002

Suzuki Cross Coupling Array:
Extended Aqueous Base Kit

1 set of 8 catalysts (Pd(PPh3)4, Pd(dppf)2Cl2, PdOAc2/Sphos, PdOAc2/Xphos, Pd2(dba)2/Sphos, Pd2(dba)3/XPhos, Pd(OAc)2/CataCXium® and Pd(Amphos)Cl2), 4 base solutions (Na2CO3, K2CO3, K3PO4, and Cs2CO3) and 4 solvents Acetonitrile, Dioxane, DMF and n-Butanol. 32 reaction vials total

This kit requires EvoluChem™ reaction block (HCK1006-01-002) included in the EvoluChem™ Starter Kit (HCK1006-01-001)

The typical protocol is performed at 0.15 mol/l concentration reaction condition and 1 to 1 ratio boronic acid reagent and halogenated substrate in 100 µl selected solvent.

Resulting catalyst loading is 10%. Two equivalents of base are added (30 µl). However it is possible to investigate different substrate ratios and concentrations. Maximum volume for reaction condition is 250 µl.

Protocol at 100 µl volume reaction condition

  • Prepare required volume of a 0.15 mol/L solution of combined substrates (boronic acid reagent and halogenated substrate) in the selected solvent. For example, 450 µl solution for 4 reaction conditions.
  • Using a clean and dry syringe, add 100 µl of substrates solution to a reaction vial and mix with the catalysts using the syringe.
  • Add 30 µl of the selected base solution. (2 equivalents)
  • Stir the reaction vials in the reaction block at desired temperature (for example: 80°C) for 3 to 12 hours.
  • Remove the vial caps using a decapper.
  • Prepare analytical sample for each reaction condition with 5 µl sample diluted into 200 µl in either DMSO or water/acetonitrile 50/50. Analyze resulting analytical samples by LC/MS.