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Frequently Asked Questions

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PhotoRedOx Box, Duo and TC

Q: Does the 28 X 61 mm (20 mL) glass vial fit into the photochemistry 2 X 20 mL vial holder?
A: Yes, the vials will fit in the vial holder.

Q: Do you have high intensity LED bulbs to go with the cure boxes?
A: Please see our EvoluChem LED Light Sources Brochure.

Q: What is the maximum output from each type of LED for the wavelength ranges between 350 and 390 nm?
A: Please see our EvoluChem LED Light Sources Brochure.

Q: Does HepatoChem have lamps with >35 mw in output that can be adapted to the cure boxes?
A: We would need to know what distance that the measurements are taken. Click here for more information on measuring light sources.

Q: Do you have more information and details on you Flow Reactor?
A: This is a 2ml reactor. You can refer to the Flow Reactor Setup sheet and review this YouTube video.

Q: Does the Flow Reactor fit in the PhotoRedOx-TC?
A: The Flow Reactor does fit in the PhotoRedOx Box, Duo and TC.

Q: What is the volume, length, and material of the tubing for the Flow Reactor?
A: It’s a 2 ml volume.  PFA material, OD is 1/16 inch.  16 ft of tubing.

Q: Do you have any light source that goes down to the 350 nm range?
A: The 365 nm is as low as we can go at this time. for 300 nm and 254 nm light please contact us at

Q: Do you have any set up that can accommodate 6-well/12-well/96-well tissue culture plates, instead of 2mL-8mL glass vials?
A: We do not have a set-up, the openings on the ones we have are not big enough for microplate footprint, we would recommend using Eppendorf tubing.

Q: Is there an advantage to the DX LED lights other than just having a higher intensity/wattage?
A: A PF light is ok to use for most reactions. The DX just has a higher intensity.

Q: How does the dimmable light source work (is it a gradient or are there set intensities)?
A: We do not supply the dimmer you will need to purchase it separately though another source such as Amazon

Q: Can you confirm what the connections on the back of the bulbs are (i.e., how do I connect them to a power supply)?
A: Our lights come with a plug and we can send them for US, EU or UK standard.

Q: What do you recommend if I am anticipating needing to run a larger scale than would be feasible in your photoboxes?
A: If you are needing a larger scale, you may be interested in our Lucent 360 Photoreactor.  Please review the Lucent 360™ Brochure.  You can also contact us to schedule a time to do an online demo.

Q: Do you sell the Kessil Blue Lamps?
A: We do not sell the Kessil lamps but have a similar product, EvoluChem™. You can review our LED Brochure.

Q: I am interested in information on the Starter Bundle–where can I learn more?
A: Information about the Starter Bundle can be found here on our website.

Q: Is there any flexibility in the specific lights or vial holders that come with the starter package?
A: The order can be flexible with any 2 lights and any 2 vial holders.

Q: Would it be possible to get an indicative price for the liquid-cooled version as well? Would this need an external chiller? What is the temperature range?
A: The liquid cooled version would need an external chiller. The temp can go as low as -20 to as high as 80 degrees. Once you go below zero it could get frost on the instrument.

Q: Just wondering what pasts does the temperature-controlled reactor contain–is there a heating or chilling unit that comes with it?
A: There is not a heater/chiller that is included.

Lucent 360™

Q: We purchased the Lucent360™ Photoreactor and wanted to know if it is compatible with any external chiller unit other than the Julabo Corio-CD 200F (SKU: HCK1021-01-023)?
A: The Lucent 360™ is compatible with any chiller, but it will depend on the size of the opening and the tubing.

EvoluChem Screening Kits

Q: To use the BMO screening kit HCK1001-01-001, do we also need to buy a HCK1001-01-006 kit as well?
A: Please click here to refer to the Kit Manual and the MSDS Sheet.

Q: Could you send me information that you have on the Molander Alkylation Kits?
A: Below are links to more information regarding the Molander Alkylation Kit.

Production Kit HCK1016-01-001
Screening Kit HCK1016-01-002

Metabolite Synthesis

Q: Does HepatoChem offer the service to run the screen, optimization, scale-up and delivery of identified metabolite on your side?
A: We do offer this service, please reach out to us for a quote.

Q: Can we use HepatoChem services without providing a structure and ask for a sample to be shipped to us to compare it with our own Met-ID method?
A: We would not need the structure; however, we will need the MetID data such as LC/MSMS, fragmentation pattern to select a sample that contains the desired metabolite. If you send us a biological, we can do the comparison on our instrument. We can also send you selected samples.

Q: If we need more than 5 mg and that we find suitable conditions for the scale-up, is there an option to ask for a larger scale-up, say 100 mg?
A: For production it depends on yield, stability, isolation… we usually start around 5mg them 25mg then 100mg +. It is a step-by-step process.

General Questions

Q: Can I pay my invoice via Credit Card?
A: Once your order ships you will receive an invoice with a secure link to pay via credit card. However, you can also pay via ACH or Wire. Payment information is shown on your invoice.

Q: Will Hepatochem ship their products to me?
A: We ship to all US states and most Countries. We also have several distributors that are located in the US, Europe, China, India and Korea.

Q: I am based in the UK, and I wonder how compatible your products are with our electricity supply?
A: We send with plugs that will work in the UK.