Suzuki Miyaura HCK1003-01-004

Suzuki Miyaura Cross Coupling Array:
Anhydrous Base Kit

1 set of 6 catalysts (Pd(PPh3)4, Pd(dppf)2Cl2, PdOAc2/Sphos, PdOAc2/Xphos, Pd2(dba)3/Sphos, and Pd2(dba)3/Xphos) premixed with 4 anhydrous bases (Na2CO3, K2CO3, K3PO4, and Cs2CO3). 24 reaction conditions.

This kit requires EvoluChem reaction block (HCK1006-01-002) included in the EvoluChem Starter Kit (HCK1006-01-001)

The typical protocol is performed at 0.15 mol/l concentration reaction condition and 1 to 1 ratio boronic acid reagent and halogenated substrate in 100 μl selected solvent. Resulting catalyst loading is 10%. Each vial contains 2 equiv. of base. However, it is possible to investigate different substrate ratios and concentrations. Maximum volume for reaction condition is 250 μl.

Protocol at 100 μl volume reaction condition

  • Prepare required volume of a 0.15 mol/L solution of combined substrates (boronic acid reagent and halogenated substrate) in the selected solvent. For example, 450 μl solution for 4 reaction conditions (extra 50 μl for evaporation)
  • For best results sparge solvents with N2 or Ar before addition to reaction vials.
  • Using a clean and dry syringe, add 100 μl of substrates solution to a reaction vial and mix with the catalysts using the syringe.
  • Stir the reaction vials in the reaction block at desired temperature (for example: 80°C) for 3 to 12 hours.
  • Remove the vial caps using a decapper.
  • Prepare analytical sample for each reaction condition with 5 μl sample diluted into 200 μl in either DMSO or water/acetonitrile 50/50.
  • Analyze resulting analytical samples by LC/MS.